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Via Z. Bolzati, 5/7
Salò - Brescia

+39 0365 522489

Listening, competence, ability and experience make Be Home a consulting company even before a real estate, whose task is to enhance the property in the respect and interest of those who sell and those who buy, acting as a partner in all the different phases of a real estate negotiation: from listening and consulting, to research and proposal until the conclusion of the contract and the notary deed.

The knowledge of the territory allows us to select the best proposals for our clients: we evaluate with our clients the budget, the location, the quality of the property and the setting up, assisting clients until the final choice.

Our services are not limited to mediation, we are able to provide qualified assistance to deal with the various problems and we entrust technicians and professionals with the task of studying, proposing and implementing solutions for the various situations or problems that arise.

In one word, we have a Service Team. A team that guarantees the ability to intervene in each specific sector, providing individual knowledge and professionalism.
We share the same seriousness and transparency, ability to listen and understand, work ethics and focus on people. A client won't have standard answers from us, but solutions and answers to his dreams, needs, requirements and desires.

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